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This partner-only law firm has now four interdisciplinary partners who hold degrees in hard sciences and finance. This boutique practise has a niche of four practice areas, in which each of them has remarkable expertise and experience
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  • Leadership

Fareya will help you resolve all types of disputes through alternative dispute resolution and arbitration. She has handled and won over 120 arbitration cases where she has represented private and public companies, government bodies, small businesses and individuals.

The majority of her experience is focused on business disputes, including breach of contract claims, financial services disputes, shareholder disputes, construction arbitration, business fraud compensation, and commercial real estate disputes.

She is the founder and Managing Partner of Fareya Azfar and Araoui LLP, a litigation and arbitration specialist law firm with substantial private capital experience. Prior to forming the law firm, Fareya worked as a coveted lawyer at some of the most notable regional and global law firms including HADEF & Partners and Gateley PLC.

The breadth of her experience, skills, and market reach is only equal to the depth of her legal knowledge and expertise in both the UAE and English law. She has deep, meaningful, and lasting ties with a formidable circle of professional peers, dignitaries, notable ultra high net worth individuals, and old family offices, both in the UAE, MENA region, and DACH.

As the firm’s co-founder and Chief Innovative Officer, Owais’ key role is curating ideas and facilitating innovation processes. He oversees the processes of integrating and ingraining the new solutions into every aspect of the firm’s practice.

Owais’ role is not to develop a culture of innovation at the law firm. Innovation i..e coming up with new ways of doing things so that we can improve on our services, increase sales, reduce costs and make our processes more effective and efficient.

Owais makes sure that the firm has the infrastructure, its people have the training and talent and all of it is being use to enhance service delivery.

In the tech industry he is considered among the principal innovators and disruptors. He has been the founder of three successful startups. He has over 18+ years of financial industry within the space of Banking, Fintech, Product Innovation, Digital Transformation and Data Science. Owais is a true interdisciplinary who drives firm-wide innovation strategy and initiatives where we all believe in design thinking to create new ways and generate new solutions.

A premier trial lawyer with extensive government experience. He focuses on white-collar defence, congressional investigations, complex civil litigation and crisis management.

Mansoor has secured numerous declinations and favorable resolutions for clients involving allegations of corruption, financial fraud, money laundering, insider trading, and securities and tax fraud.Mansoor is passionate about the focus of his legal practice. He assists our clients with the complexities of responding to and defending governmental investigations involving criminal, civil and regulatory compliance matters.

He represents individuals and companies accused of financial crimes in criminal suits, and conduct investigations at companies to determine if any parties engaged in wrongful conduct. Mansoor has a a very hands-on practice. He is best known as and called a ‘crises manager’

In addition to being a coveted trial lawyer, Mansoor has over ten years’ experience with complex and large project and corporate finance transactions. As project counsel for numerous solar and power projects, Mansoor was the lead advisor on all matters relating to setting up of the project company, including without limitation, advising on the applicable tariff, negotiation and finalization of lender term sheets, drafting, negotiation, finalization and execution of all Financing Documents, Security Package, Implementation Agreement, Power Purchase Agreements, Engineering Procurement and Construction Contract, Coal Supply Agreement, Bagasse and Steam Sale and Purchase Agreement, Security Documents, Generation License, Tariff.

  • Practice Areas
Our motivation in giving the advice matches with your motivation for receiving the advice. We have a good aim, meaning we give quality advice and take the shot. We don’t give you all possible angles in which a matter can be interpreted by courts, all possible issues that can arise from a transaction (from extremely likely to virtually impossible), and then leave it to you to decide which path to choose. Firstly, the likelihood of events can be best advised by your lawyer because

a) they have general experience of what issues generally have real life consequences and what do not;

b) they can adjust the probabilities of such events by, deeply understanding the attitude of the players specific to your market sector, the commercial significance of taking any potential action – businesses are driven by bottom line, no matter how strong a case might be in legal theory, no capitalist business will pursue it to the courts. Legal rights are only pursued if they the loss and consequential compensation is large, if the legal action will destroy the competition, if legal actIon is necessitated to keep face, pacify shareholders or there are other egotistIc drivers of taking legal action.

So we shoot and nail our conclusion. Our motivation behind our legal advice is not to demonstrate the breath of our knowledge and our legal prowess, our motivation is to utilize that knowledge to provide simplified conclusions to you. Knowledge of law is a means to an end, not an end in itself.
Practice Areas


Investment Management, Startups and Emerging Corporates, Joint Ventures and Alliances, Corporate Goverannce

Dispute Resolution

International Arbitration, Early Litigation Assessment, Construction and Engineering Disputes, Litigation, Shareholders Disputes, Multi-Jurisdictional Disputes, Raising Capital


Contract Lifecycle Management, Legal Operations Management, Legal Perfomance Improvement

Other Areas

Company Formation, Technicial Write up, Tech Founders Legal Management
  • Testimonials
Our legal services and delivery processes are designed especially for owner-managed HNWIs and family offices. We know your needs and pain points and our legal solutions meet your business needs.
FAA Law combined the founders’ two passions – law and root-cause problem-solving – to create a unique mix of legal service offerings.
“ Fareya is sharp, proficient, connected and Fearless advocate in corporate Law Matters.
Mayan Global Limited
“ Fareya gets to the heart of the matter quickly, proposes strong solutions and creates deliverables very quickly. Perfect legal advisor for our startup company.
Habiu Space - CEO
  • Clients
Who we serve We are dedicated to serving owner-managed small and midsize businesses.

- Owner managed businesses

- Family offices

- High Net Worth Individuals

- Start up founders

SMBs are a qualitatively different type of client from their larger counterparts. Most of the businesses we serve are owner-managed.

Who we Serve

We are dedicated to serving owner-managed small and midsize businesses.

- Owner managed businesses

- Family offices

- High Net Worth Individuals

- Start up founders

SMBs are a qualitatively different type of client from their larger counterparts. Most of the businesses we serve are owner-managed.

The predicaments of SMBs

Small businesses continue to face significant barriers to accessing legal services.

- These businesses often do not have internal counsel, instead of relying on lawyers to serve as a sort of external general counsel for their company.

- There is a lack of knowledge about the business problems that can be solved by legal services.

- Cost and value correlation is not clear.

- They have anxieties about approaching for legal assistance, and approach law firms as “the last resort”

How we resolve SMBs problems

To change the customer experience – from anxiety to relief, from unawareness to understanding legal services, from approaching law firms as the ‘last resort’ to becoming your first port of call.

Serve as external general counsel

- Awareness and Knowledge

- Cost Certainty

- Understandable Processes

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    Thought Leadership
4th May, 2022
Owing to my personal experience and my empirical observation, I am now a strong advocate of the Deci and Ryan (professors in the Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology at the University of Rochester) Self Determination Theory. They theory has been applied in many domains including education, organizations, sport and physical activity, religion, health and medicine, parenting, virtual environments and media, close relationships, and psychotherapy....
28th June, 2022
Financial statement manipulation by directors is an ongoing problem amounting to billions of dollars each year. Directors tamper with the financial records to commit fraud against investors or circumvent regulations since accounting standards are flexible, it may be difficult for the management to detect fudged numbers.
Financial Statements and More
1st July, 2022
There can be many reasons for why you would like to remove a shareholder. It could be due to a deadlock own or the quasi partnership has become toxic or destructive for the business the shareholder is not pulling his weight does not attend meetings or has been diluted To a point of holding no significance.
Directors Removal
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