Human Rights and Business

It is important for business leaders to be educated about the classification of issues that fall within human rights abuses.

Corporate Social Responsibility expands beyond the basic right to breaks, weekends or safe machines and equipment.

The following issues are only some of the issues that clearly fall within it:

  • Health safety – for example, clean air ventilation, exposure to dust or toxins from cleaning agents as well.
  • special needs for employees facing disabling conditions.

For example, temporary mental illness can temporarily, be as disabling as any other physical condition;

  • Gender-related needs – for example, accommodate flexible working hours.

Moreover, it has proven to improve the well-being, job satisfaction and productivity of employees.

  • LGBT rights – for example, training, awareness, and equality;
  • male gender bias – for example, paternal leaves to bond with a new baby;
  • maternity leaves – for example, taking account of alternative methods of conceiving.
  • treatment of employees with integrity and respect

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