Interactive. Transparent. Accessible.

A Legal Team that makes a difference for you

Our Mission

What we stand for.

To invent, process and deliver value-based legal services, that matter.

More than problem solvers, we are strategic partners. Navigating the execution of contracts and disputes in new ways. to maximize the profitability of your business contracts, deal and arrangements.

All law firms want to solve problems. Our pursuit is to harness creativity, business sensibility where best solutions ensue. 

Our Philosophy

Our Unique Selling Proposition.

Fareya Azfar & Araoui LLP is a lean law firm, we create, process, and deliver value to clients, and identify that as our service.

Firstprinciples thinking is one of the best ways to create original ideas and unleash creative possibility. 

Lawyers shall evolve into privé – the client’s closest advisors to give confidential advice on all non-private affairs.


We Believe

Our way of work.

that problems do not come in neat packages fitting a particular area of law.

that solution-based legal service is integrative.

in changing, inflated-specialism in lawyers, expanding our knowledge base.

in embracing cross-industry integration and eliminating boundaries, lawyers bring more value on the table using fewer resources.


A lawyer well known in the industries and geographical markets she serves. Before establishing her private practice, Fareya was already practicing in the UAE for 10 years.

Fareya became the youngest lawyer in the region to have handled over 100 arbitration cases and made the largest investors settlement after the real estate crash. She is now a widely published lawyer, and a reliable source of knowledge and authority on arbitration, real estate and litigation in the UAE;

Her accomplishments won her many accolades and awards. At 24, she was selected by Gulf Magazine as one of their 30 under 30 people to watch as they challenge the preconceptions of their fields.

The driving factor for the founding member, Fareya Azfar’s, decision to build Fareya Azfar Araoui LLP was to unchain lawyers and transcend the law firms’ roles by expanding legal services to commensurate with the talent, skills and all the value that lawyers have to offer.

Until recently the scope of a lawyer’s role was contained to a narrowly defined legal practice.

By restricting the lawyer’s contribution to advising on ‘what is the law and applying law alone’ legal advice was increasingly separating from strategies, realities and practicalities.

We involve lawyers to advise beyond current constraints. Our lawyers give practical insights and solutions that come to them as natural strategists.

We do not value our work on a time spent basis. This applies to bills as well as internal tracking of lawyers’ activities. Instead of producing timesheets, we provide clients with a detailed activity sheet enclosed with our monthly invoice. Therefore, unless you specifically request us to send you timesheets, only activity sheets will be supplied.

Early Case Analysis (ECA) has fixed upfront costs, but it pays off enormously. It provides many insights, including an accurate and unbiased prediction of your costs.

  • a flat fee based on Phase/Tasks that will be involved.
  • a provisional budget should we face a hitch which is unforeseen but not unprecedented.
  • keeping costs on track, eliminate surprises.
  • keeping the dispute within the budget and the timeline.

The Changing Landscape of Legal Needs

The boundaries of industries are blurring, practicing law in silo constraints integration, relevance, and utility of legal solutions to client’s problems. No corporate or Commerical problem is resolved by a legal opinion alone. We do not believe fitting the client’s problems into labeled boxes of pre-defined legal practices.

When clients want practical solutions, we are logical, intelligent, and creative problem solvers who happen to be experts at the law.

Our aim is to demystify lawyers and legal services.

We focus on YOUR problems

Your business is one of a kind. Your history is unique. Your matters are complex. Until we do not know you, we do not know your business.

When our lawyers get mistaken by bystanders for being in-house lawyers of our clients, we know we have started to understand our clients.

When you work with us, our world is your oyster. It’s your playing field.  A legal service which does not solve the problem, adds less value than its price.

We build organic relationships with all of our clients, providing solutions without sacrificing the personality of their businesses.

Harnessing Innovation to deliver an exceptional experience

Innovation for us has meant, new ways to structure and manage businesses, new or improved ways of delivering a service, and building new services or modes of delivery before your competitors.

The ultimate beneficiaries of greater innovation within the legal services market will be users of legal services, through the emergence of greater choice in terms of quality, access, and value.

The main effects of these innovations increase the range of services offered, improve quality, or bring the benefit of legal services to larger segments.

We are living through a massive social and technological revolution. A huge tech wave has to bring us all sorts of new ways to innovate and get closer to our clients, which is what innovation is all about – for our firm.