Early Dispute Evaluation

“In the corporate world predictability is prized, mistakes tolerated, and surprises abhorred” Henry W. Ewalt, Andrew W. Ewalt


Litigation is a maze. Early Case Assessment is a methodical approach to estimate the duration, chances of success, and risks associated with the paths in that maze.

We routinely see clients pulling the trigger on their dispute resolution agreements often without obtaining knowledge that would expose a high risk of long-term profitability.

Using objective research, cost appraisal procedures with third-party funders, and objective evaluations, we devise methods that have led clients to mitigate their risks based on the information and probability purveyed by data compiled for them.

the objective of ECA is plain “To place the decision-maker within the client in a position to make an informed choice on how the matter will proceed, driven by business — not legal — objectives.”

  • ECA enables clients to make informed decisions and calculated risks.
  • Improves “front-end” planning and management helping lawyers stay competitive. Such frontend cost is a fraction of the cost of litigation.
  • applies cost/benefit analysis to the problem as they would any other business process.

After evaluating and producing a predictive analysis of the financial and legal repercussions of a claim, clients often decide not to proceed but to absorb the dispute as revenue loss.

Who estimates the costs

Where a lawyer may be too zealous about the prospects of success, a litigation financier may be too cautious.

The starting point of undertaking any assessment of the dispute before you is to begin by answering these cardinal questions, which may profoundly alter your view of the cost benefits of legal proceedings.

  1. Objectively assess whether the company actually has been harmed.
  2. Knowing the adversary. „
  3. Developing a game plan. „
  4. Creating a litigation budget. „
  5. Charting potential outcomes for each stage of a case

What we stand for.

To invent, process and deliver value-based legal services, that matter.