Asset Finance

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Our Structured and Asset Finance practice has gained the interest of major market players.

We represent all the stakeholders in capital intensive asset acquisitions via structured finance transactions. We structure appropriate ownership and operational vehicles for jointly owned assets by creating leveraged finance leases, contribute mortgaged capital assets, subscription line indebtedness, and financing from private equity funds.

Equity-Debt Asset Financing

Fareya Azfar Araoui advises on ownership structuring of assets funded by debt and equity financing. Beneficial co-ownership of mortgaged assets can be reflected and protected in a special purpose vehicle.

Equity financiers could ensure repayment of the mortgage by using a capital commitment vs capital contribution structure as follows:

Initial Equity Payment is funded from the capital contribution of investors.

Periodic Loan Repayments are funded by Capital Calls on the indebted shareholder


Alternative Financing Sources

Through the non-traditional capital structures, we have created and integrated flexible and alternative security instruments, safeguards and guarantee structures into corporate and joint venture vehicles.


Contributing encumbered Capital

We structure transactions that allow owners and investors to utilize collateralised assets. Partner’s share of a partnership liability includes the portion of the liability for which the partner or person related to the partner bears the economic risk of loss. Guaranteed payments and preferred returns.


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