Corporate Conflict and Governance

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Corporate Litigation and Governance

Our corporate litigation and governance practice handle all spectrums and issues encompassing the allotments and issue of shares, the variation of class rights, the grant of rights to subscribe, issuing convertible notes and share conversions, share price valuations as a going concern, upon liquidation, sale of minority shares, minimum drag-along price and unlawful dilution of shareholders rights.

We advise directors on the proper exercise of their fiduciary powers, avoiding conflicts of interest. We guide directors who are shareholders in following the proper protocols for confronting conflicts, taking account of their actions as shareholders and to ensure that they do not give rise to conflicts of interest in their work as directors.

The majority of corporate disputes handled by our firm belong to multiple jurisdictions and require experience and knowledge of civil law and common law.

We also have considerable experience advising board members on sensitive transactional and litigation issues, ranging from related party transactions and other transactions concerning possible conflicts of interest.

Shareholder Disputes

Formal proceedings in shareholders’ disputes require time and expenses and their conclusion is unpredictable. At the beginning of any shareholders’ conflict, it is very important to devise an overarching strategy: the respective shareholders must understand what their ultimate objectives are and how they can be attained.
Obtaining relief such as freezing bank accounts, or an order preventing another shareholder from pursuing its desired objectives, can be a powerful negotiating tool.



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