The Golden Hour In Dispute Resolution

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What We Do
contract performance management

Asset Finance

We structure appropriate ownership and operational vehicles for jointly owned assets by creating leveraged finance leases, contribute mortgaged capital assets, subscription line indebtedness, and financing from private equity funds.

Contract Performance Management

Contract Performance Management is colloquial for a process that systematically ensures that contracts derive optimal value for the business during their lifetime. The contract lifecycle contains the following phases: contract creation, approval, filing, retrieval, (renewal), and the destruction of the contract.

Contract Value

Corporate Conflict and Governance

Our corporate & shareholder conflicts lawyers manage the entire spectrum of transactional conflicts and large-scale, often multi-jurisdictional shareholder and boardroom disputes.

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We do not encourage hourly billing.

Clients using alternative fees need an alternative mechanism of transparency and accountability. They ought to know whether, when, and by whom work is being done. Whatever the billing model, clients must get value for money.  It requires more insight into the work and effort in order to justify chunky fixed fees which may or may not result in a win! So how do we give you the best of both worlds?

We integrate reliable and evident ways of enhanced transparency. We have collaborated with business management and legal-tech corporations to bring a foolproof method of full transparency, where you don’t rely on us to be transparent. The technology we use automatically makes our work transparent.


What we stand for.

To invent, process and deliver value-based legal services, that matter.